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It is planned to create business residences for Russian and international companies on the territory of the resort town Gatchina Gardens. The project will be implemented within the framework of the innovation cluster and science city development in Gatchina.

The first investment stage of the resort town Gatchina Gardens (development of 100 hectares) involves placing on Its territory business residences-representative offices of major Russian and international companies, SPA-hotels with conference rooms for business events, apartments for temporary residence of employees, etc.

The first company, which plans to place its representative office here, became the German concern Helling GmbH – one of the world leaders in the production of non-destructive testing equipment. Currently, the company is considering the possibility of building a high-tech production facility in the Gatchina nanopark, is negotiating with the authorities of the Leningrad region.

“The market share of our company in the field of magnetic powder and capillary non-destructive testing in Russia today reaches 40%. The construction of a new production facility in the Leningrad region will eventually increase this figure to 60%, – says the Director for work with the CIS Helling GmbH Leonid Wrong. – However, we need to understand that this is an investment in tens or even hundreds of millions of euros. Our investments, as well as the location of the enterprise in the “Gatchina” nanopark, depend on mutual understanding with local authorities and their support aimed at promoting our product in the region”.

According to Leonid Pravda, the placement of Helling GmbH representative office in Gatchina Gardens will provide The company with the necessary infrastructure not only for doing business, but also for comfortable accommodation of highly qualified specialists and top management in the immediate vicinity of the place of work.

An agreement on cooperation between the developer of the resort town Gatchina Gardens and Voronezh state technical University, a partner of the German concern Helling GmbH in Russia, was signed to implement the project. On the basis of University since 2011 the enterprise of concern on production of the equipment of nondestructive control works.

“I am surprised at the attempts to create science cities in Russia, starting only from the availability of free land, without taking into account the needs and interests of the scientific community and business. Today, universities spend time and money sending their employees to different, often remote from each other, regions of our country for the exchange of experience, at conferences, training, training, etc., – commented the rector of the Voronezh state technical University Sergey Kolodyazhny. – At the same time, there is an acute shortage of centralized platforms focused on long-term comfortable stay of a large number of researchers, professors and students-with conference rooms, laboratories and technical facilities in walking distance from places of residence, shops, restaurants and other necessary infrastructure. Science city is not just a” box”of industrial and office buildings in a clean field, the development of these areas should be approached comprehensively.”

No less important goal of the agreement between the resort town of Gatchina Gardens and Voronezh state technical University is to provide an integrated approach to the development of the innovation cluster and science city in Gatchina, as well as the introduction of modern technologies in urban projects of a new generation – smart city, the development of which is now actively engaged in the University together with its European partners.

Recall that on March 1, 2018, in his annual address to the Federal Assembly, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the need for state support of high-tech companies, building a favorable environment for startups and the rapid introduction of new developments into production. It was about convenient infrastructure, comfortable tax regimes, protection of intellectual property, etc.

The President also mentioned in his speech the creation of a qualitatively new environment for living in small towns. “We need to create a modern environment for life, to transform our cities and towns. At the same time, it is important that they preserve their face and historical heritage. I propose to launch a large – scale program of spatial development of Russia, including the development of cities and other settlements, and at least double the cost of these goals in the next six years,” Vladimir Putin said.

In his opinion, the urban environment renewal should be based on the wide introduction of advanced technologies and materials in construction, modern architectural solutions, on the use of digital technologies in the work of social facilities, public transport, and public utilities, which, among other things, will ensure the transparency and efficiency of the housing and communal services system, so that citizens receive high-quality services and do not overpay for them.

“I think it is Gatchina that will become a pilot city, where we will work out the tasks set by the President for the development of a comfortable environment for small cities and improving the standard of living,” – said the Governor of the Leningrad region Alexander Drozdenko. Just a few days later, he instructed to re-register the units of the regional administration from St. Petersburg to Gatchina. During this year, it is also planned to move the government of the Leningrad region to the territory of Gatchina.

“Business not only closely follows the emphasis placed by the government and the trends it creates, but also reacts to them. The choice of Gatchina as the capital of the Leningrad region is not accidental. The regional government sees great prospects for the development of the South of Leningrad region. The new capital is not only about changing the address of registration and moving. This includes the development of new territories, the construction of real estate, the creation of new jobs, tax revenues, investments. This is a qualitatively new level of life. Our business residence is created to complement the innovative cluster created in Gatchina, the necessary infrastructure”, – sums up the General Director of the resort town Gatchina Gardens Natalia Osetrova.

For reference:

Today Gatchina claims to be a science city of the Russian Federation. The first stage of its formation was the Gatchina nanopark (a joint project of the Leningrad region and RUSNANO), located on the territory of 19.4 2020, an industrial and business zone will appear here, including office and industrial premises with an area of about 50,000 sq. m. the Volume of initial investment in the project is estimated at 1.2 billion rubles. engineering training of the territory has now been completed, nine substations and an office building have been built. The construction of the first production complexes for companies working in the field of radiation technologies and nanoelectronics is scheduled for spring 2018.

It is also planned to create a training center for highly professional workers in the Gatchina nanopark. Its main task will be to prepare qualified specialists at the request of industrial enterprises of the region. The area is 15 thousand sq. m. Annually it will be able to learn up to 1.1 million people. The amount of project investment – RUB 874 million Complex promise to equip the most modern equipment, and open at its base, children’s Technopark “Kvantorium”.

In 2017, Gatchina nanopark signed an agreement with the Institute of advanced manufacturing technologies of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. Of Peter The Great. It implies the joint development of the region’s innovation infrastructure. The research staff of the Polytechnic University will carry out research work in priority sectors (nanotechnology, materials science, digital technology, engineering, digital design and modeling), their development will form the basis of high-tech industries that are planned to be organized in the nanopark.

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